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Our membership is comprised of individual artists, arts groups, performers, cultural workers, guilds, businesses, tourism, entertainment, and many people who are avid arts supporters! Together we represent the finest that Prince George has to offer to its residents and visitors to the area. Click on an entry below to learn more about the member or group!

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Group Members

Alban Classical Artists

Contact: Erica Skowron
Phone: (250) 563-4693
Email: erica@coleswoodwinds.com
Website: albanclassical.org

Canadian Federation of University of Women

Contact: Maureen Fotos
Email: parkerandco@telus.net

Enchainement Products Inc

Contact: Barb Parker
Email: jraccounting@shawcable.com
Website: judydance.ca

Federation of Canadian Artists

Contact: Andrea Fredeen
Email: andreafredeen@gmail.com

Le Cercles des Canadiens Francais

Contact: Sarah Maurice
Email: michel.bouchard@unbc.ca

Method Contemporary Dance Society

Contact: Shelby Richardson
Email: shelby.richardson@gmail.com
Website: methoddance.ca

Miracle Theatre

Contact: Ted Price
Email: tedpricepg@shaw.ca
Website: miracletheatre.ca

Northern Indigenous Arts Council

Contact: Diane Levesque
Email: niacpg@gmail.com
Website: niacpg.com

Categories: mulimedia


Contact: Ken Hall
Email: ken@pgso.com
Website: pgso

Categories: music

Prince George & District Music Festival

Contact: Ray Westerlaken
Email: rwesteri@gmail.com
Website: pgmusicfestival.com

Prince George Cantata Singers

Contact: Ronald Prochot
Phone: 250.563.3582
Email: pgcantatasingers@gmail.com
Website: pgcantatasingers.ca

Categories: music

Prince George Community Band

Contact: Rob Hannigan
Email: rjhanny@gmail.com
Website: pgcommunityband.ca

Prince George Conservatory of Music

Contact: Jody Newham
Phone: 250-564-7467
Email: pgconservatory@gmail.com
Website: pgconservatory.ca

Categories: music

Prince George Fibre Arts Guild

Contact: Birthe Miller
Phone: 250-964-6454
Email: treasurer@pgfibrearts.ca
Website: fibrearts.ca

Categories: fibre arts

Prince George Photography Society

Contact: Tanya Stewart
Email: info@pgphotoclub.com
Website: pgphotoclub.com

Prince George Potters Guild

Contact: Jim Fitzpatrick
Email: Jfitz962@gmail.com
Website: pgpotters.ca

Categories: pottery

Prince George Public Library

Contact: Liz Ebert
Phone: 250-563-9251 ext 157
Email: lebert@pgpl.ca

Prince George Stitchery Guild

Contact: Catriona McLennan
Email: catriona@telus.net

Categories: fibre arts

Prince George Woodturners Guild

Contact: Ken Turner
Email: kenturner31@shaw.ca
Website: pgwoodturners.com

Project Friendship Society

Contact: Candace McNamara
Email: canmc@shaw.ca

The Exploration Place Museum

Contact: Tracy Calogheros
Email: tracy.calogheros@theexplorationplaace.com

The Prince George Community Foundation

Contact: Rae-Ann Noonan
Phone: 2505627772
Email: raeann.noonan@pgcf.ca
Website: pgcf.ca

Categories: other

Theatre North West

Contact: Marnie Hamagami
Email: gm@theatrenorthwest.com
Website: theatrenorthwest.com

Tourism Prince George Society

Contact: Colin Carson
Email: carson@tourismpg.com
Website: tourismpg.com

Two Rivers Gallery

Contact: Cori Ramsay
Email: sara@tworiversgallery.ca
Website: tworiversgallery.ca

Watts Art Academy

Contact: Christina Watts
Email: wattsartacademy@gmail.com
Website: attsacademy.ca

White Spruce Sweet Adelines

Contact: Nanacy Kurjata
Email: kurjata5@hotmail.com

Individual Members

Anderson Linda

Email: lfartist1@gmail.com

Categories: visual arts

Arrowsmith Gwen

Email: info@4pawspure.ca

Categories: pet snacks

Asselin Robyn

Email: robynamillwright@gmail.com

Categories: mulimedia

Austin Rebecca

Email: rebecca.austin@telus.net

Categories: soaps

Axworthy Tina

Email: taxworthy@shaw.ca

Categories: pottery

Babcock Shirley

Email: shirley@shirleybabcock.com

Barteluk Wendy

Email: wbarteluk@shaw.ca

Categories: visual arts

Betke Art

Email: artbetke@shaw.ca

Categories: wood turning

Box Lynn

Email: lynnbox@shaw.ca

Categories: visual arts

Brooks George

Email: geokay@shaw.ca

Categories: wood turning

Carlson Leanna

Email: leanna@carlsonpottery.com

Categories: pottery

Carte Mike

Categories: rock painting

Cejka Angelique

Email: aasilverworks@hotmail.com

Categories: jewellery

Chandler Laura

Email: laurachandler@shaw.ca

Categories: visual arts

Cooke Kate

Email: cookedearth@gmail.com

Categories: pottery

Cote Jennifer

Email: moosemushroomsmud@gmail.com

Categories: digital arts

Coyle Thomas

Email: gentlemoon@shaw.ca

Categories: jewellery

Davidson Ayla

Email: aylagaiter@hotmail.com

Categories: pottery

Desjardine Melanie

Email: melanie@anythingmetal.com

Categories: visual arts

Ejack Laura

Email: rejack@shaw.ca

Categories: fibre arts

Elder Jeff

Email: jeffelder@shaw.ca

Engbrecht John

Email: jengbrecht@shaw.ca

Evaschuk Dana

Email: evaschuk@hotmail.com

Categories: pottery

Fahlman Penny

Email: fahlmanp@outlook.com

Fitzpatrick Colleen

Email: colleenrfitz0@gmail.com

Categories: pottery

Fitzpatrick Jim

Email: jfitz962@gmail.com

Framst Cyndi

Email: celf_456@hotmail.com

Categories: jewellery

Framst Wendy

Email: wendy.framst@telus.net

Categories: watercolour

Fredeen Andrea

Email: andreafredeen@gmail.com

Categories: paint

Fry Laura

Email: laura@laurafry.com

Categories: fibre arts

Gobbi-Anderson Frances

Email: frances.gobbi@gmail.com

Gunderson Elmer

Email: elmer@shaw.ca

Categories: wood carver

Hay Marie

Email: mdhay@shaw.ca

Henderson Steve

Email: stevenhenderson@telus.net

Houghtaling Kathy

Categories: fibre arts

Isam Sharkia

Email: sandymmclean@gmail.com

Categories: jewellery

Jacobson Doug

Email: dnj2842@gmail.com

Karen Heathman

Contact: Karen Heathman
Phone: 12506128592
Email: indigopottery@gmail.com

Categories: pottery, ceramics, digital arts

Kast Michael

Email: artsnorthbc@outlook.com

Categories: digital arts

Kaur Manmeet

Email: manmeet-k@hotmail.com

Keeping Ann-Alise

Email: annalisekeeping@gmail.com

Categories: ceramics

Kelly Deborah

Categories: poetry

Kilback Jo

Email: ljkilbac@telus.net

Categories: pottery

King Ian

Email: jking@mag-net.com

Categories: glass

Kirby Lisa

Email: ltkirby1@gmail.com

Categories: cards

Kloepper Madeline

Email: madelinekloepper@gmail.com
Website: madelinekloepper.shop

Categories: author, ceramics, crafts, fibre arts, paint, pottery, visual arts

Kobewka Shelly

Email: skobewka@shaw.ca

Categories: fibre arts

Koop Reg

Email: regkoop52@gmail.com

Kovacic-Kueng Betty

Email: bettykovacic@shaw.ca

Langner Ruth

Email: landiproducts@shaw.ca

Categories: author

Lasure Robert

Email: lasure2@shaw.ca

Lawrence Mary Lynn

Email: mlrustyluv5@gmail.com

Leo Hebert

Contact: Leo Hebert
Phone: 2509611229
Email: hebear56@gmail.com

Categories: paint, photography, visual arts

Levesque Diane

Email: djlevesque1@telus.net

Categories: visual arts

Link Melody

Email: mmlink@telus.net

Categories: birch bark

Lorrie Bressette Studios

Contact: Lorrie Bressette
Phone: 778-349-4893
Email: lbressettestudios@gmail.com

Categories: fibre arts, landscapes, paint

Lynch Emily

Email: elynch73@gmail.com

Categories: pottery

Lynda Anderson

Contact: Lynda Anderson
Phone: 2505629168
Email: lfartist1@gmail.com

Categories: landscapes, visual arts, watercolour

MacIsaac-chmiel Elizabeth

Categories: jewellery

MacNutt Jack

Email: clay@pgpotters.ca

Categories: pottery

Maley-Bell Lorri Anne

Email: akalamb@hotmail.com

Mann Cliff

Email: manncliff@hotmail.com

Categories: watercolour

Mann Gail

Email: manns@telus.net

Categories: concrete

Margaret JonesBricker

Contact: Margaret JonesBricker
Phone: 12509618926
Email: mj.bricker@shaw.ca

Categories: cards, landscapes, paint, visual arts

Marten Vivian

Email: vlmartin@telus.net

Categories: mulimedia

Mayhew Pearl

Email: pearlmayhew@hotmail.com

Categories: photography

Melenka Perry

Email: pmelenka@yahoo.com

Categories: paint

Meroniuk Marten

Email: mmeroniuk@netbistro.com

Categories: wood work

Mikkelsen Joanne

Contact: Joanne Mikkelsen
Phone: 250-552-1097
Email: begbie2@telus.net

Categories: pottery

Miller Kayla

Email: kaylasolmonson@yahoo.ca

Mintz Rick

Contact: Rick Mintz
Phone: 2509649182
Email: rmintz@shaw.ca

Categories: paint

Mooreside Alice

Email: g.rivers@shaw.ca

Categories: fibre arts

Murphy Donna

Email: murf911@icloud.ca

Categories: pottery

Neal Moira

Email: memoriesbymoira@shaw.ca

Categories: photography

Nestle Marie

Email: marienestel@gmail.com

Categories: pottery

Neufeld Don

Email: dgneufeld@hotmail.com

Categories: photography

Nicolas Sharon

Email: coloredfriesians55@gmail.com

Categories: paint

Pascizzo Mario

Email: pascuzzimn@hotmail.com

Phillips Kelly

Email: claralebrook@gmail.com

Categories: photography

Raifteiri Jennifer

Email: cattleranch@outlook.com

Rawlings Jim

Email: funmud@icloud.com

Categories: pottery

Rivers Greg

Email: ?

Rogers John

Email: jrabpg@shaw.ca

Categories: wood work, antlers, stone work

Ruth Dale

Email: dale.lucille@gmail.com

Categories: wood work

Saar Anne

Email: annevsaar@telus.net

Categories: pottery

Saliken Kim

Email: tworussians@telus.net

Categories: pottery

Savage James

Email: jimsavage@goldcity.net

Categories: visual arts

Sawkins Yvonne

Contact: Yvonne Sawkins
Phone: 7783492077
Email: ysawkins@shaw.ca

Categories: cards, landscapes, paint, watercolour

Scheunert Peter

Email: peterjmade1@yahoo.ca

Categories: wood carver

Schneider Manuela

Email: ela@telus.net

Categories: pottery

Seemann Eric

Email: ericseemann@live.ca

Categories: photography

Skulmoski Carol

Email: cskulmoski@persona.ca

Categories: cards, crafts

Smith Roxann

Email: cleiocat@telus.net

Categories: visual arts

Snider Loralei

Email: hello@soulsticeherbals.com

Categories: herbalist

Snively Micheline

Email: thepricklyrosestudio@gmail.com

Categories: visual arts

Spencer Jeanette

Email: jspencer@glasscrayons.com

Categories: glass

Steidle James

Email: steidlewoodworking@gmail.com

Categories: wood work

Summers Rory

Email: rory@mag-net.com

Categories: wood turning

Suter Pat

Email: postladypat@hotmail.com

Categories: photography

Tobin Elizabeth

Email: claygoddess@shaw.ca

Categories: pottery

Todd Laurie

Email: lm2921@gmail.com

Categories: jewellery

Torraville Thomas

Email: northernhartdesigns@gmail.com

Categories: wood laser

Transken Si

Email: si@unbc.ca

Turner Ken

Email: kenncarol31@gmail.com

Categories: wood turning

Unger Renee

Email: unger.renee3@yahoo.com

Categories: music

Valcourt Kat

Email: kattecval@gmail.com

Categories: visual arts

Van Kessel Joe

Categories: landscapes

Vandal Shirley

Email: lynda@okalrel.org

Categories: fibre arts

Wagner Laura

Email: laurawagner7@gmail.com

Categories: pottery

Warner Alison

Email: alisonwarner@hotmail.com

Categories: pottery

Watmaugh Andrew

Email: drew.wat.photog@gmail.com

Categories: photography

Webster Dennis

Email: lightsongimages@gmail.com

Categories: photography

Westman Mary Lou

Email: westman5@telus.net

Categories: pottery

Williams Lynda

Email: lynda@okalrel.org

Categories: author

Wyka Glen

Email: caw@shaw.ca

Categories: wood turning

Young Wendy

Email: celticyoung@shaw.ca

Categories: glass

Student Members

Blacker Seth

Blacker Tiara

Browning Margaret

Ceperley Laura

Chouinard Mataya

Cotter Owen

DiGiuseppe Lila

Doering Summer

Doyle Kaylee

Foreman Elya

Garant Erica

Greene Kiara

Hansen Thatcher

Hildebrandt Logan

Hollybow Anika

Jones Dayton

Jonuk Alexa

Kevin Luke

Contact: Quinn Phillips
Email: quinnyellow3@gmail.com
Website: youtube.com/channel/UCgRiuU4lUkjxwjjvpK0

Lind Vivika

MacKinlay Delaney

MacKinlay Nikiya

Masse Samantha

McCutcheon Maya

Merrill Seinna

Moulton Talen

Paivarinta Danica

Pryschlak Connor

Robertson Danica

Robertson Kionae

Robinson Tyya

Sawaengnork Cadence

Sawaengnork Mahlina

St. Jean Lily

Thompson Mikaela

Whitehouse Madeline

Woolgar Paige

Woolgar Ryley

Business Members

ABC Web Link

526 4th Avenue Prince George, BC V2L 3G9

Contact: Jeff Paetkau
Phone: 778-763-1337
Email: jeff@abcweblink.ca
Website: abcweblink.ca

Delgado Strings Studio

Contact: Jose Delgado Guevara
Phone: 250-617-0030
Email: delgadostrings@gmail.com

Kloepper Madeline

Email: madelinekloepper@gmail.com
Website: madelinekloepper.shop

Categories: author, ceramics, crafts, fibre arts, paint, pottery, visual arts

Philomena Hughes Photography

Studio 423 Dominion St By appt only. Vaccinated clients only please in studio On location for all others.

Contact: Philomena Hughes
Phone: 250-301-4744
Email: phil@phughesphotography.ca
Website: ilomenahughesphotography.ca

Categories: photography

Prince George Citizen

Contact: Neil Godbout
Phone: 250-562-2441
Email: ngodbout@pgcitizen.ca

Taxwerx Canada Inc

Contact: Matt Hutcheon
Phone: 778-349-3967
Email: matt@taxwerx.ca
Website: axwerx.ca

Topaz Bead Gallery

Contact: Kate Roxburgh
Phone: 250-640-7117
Email: roxpg@shaw.ca

VL Studio

Contact: Vicky Anglehart
Phone: 250-981-0079
Email: rejuvegems@gmail.com