Kikiwin For Youth & Adults

Healing and Wellness

The Community Arts Council is committed to providing innovative programming that addresses healing and overall wellness.

Day classes lead by noted professor and therapist Dr Si Transken explore the art of creativity as a healing tool for emotional distress and imbalance. Sessions are focused on art journaling, positive communication skills and healthy relationships. Each Kikiwin program also brings together leading local Indigenous artists as instructors and creative mentors, and would include activities such as painting, drum making, beading etc.

“Kikiwin” Program… 

The Health & Wellness Project

was developed to address the role that art can play in healing and overall wellness.

‘Kikiwin’ is a Cree word for healing a wound.

The project components were meant to engage a wider audience, including seniors, youth-at-risk and Indigenous community members. As a result, the Kikiwin program continues to be widely implemented with a range of community agencies, such as Prince George Activitors, Elizabeth Fry Society, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, Kikino Metis Children Family Services, Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community and More.  Funding for the program can be acquired through a number of means and is usually undertaken in partnership with the CAC. The BC Community Gaming Program has also been a partial funder of the program since 2016.

This program promotes both visual design and literacy skills.


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