The Intentional Weaver: How to Weave Better

Masterweaver Laura Fry has distilled some of her 40 plus years as a production weaver into this book.

It is not a ‘how to learn how to weave’ book but takes new weavers on to the next stage of the journey – learning how to refine their technique in order to come closer to the quality of cloth they wish to make.

She explains the principles of the craft and how to think about the physical skills of weaving in order to work ergonomically – and more efficiently.
“Over the years I’ve learned more from and been more encouraged by Laura Fry than any other individual weaver. This book is like having Laura sitting right
on your loom bench ready to field questions with articulate and informed answers that clearly explain the whys and the hows, not just instructions
“to do this or that”. If you can’t get Laura herself to come and give you private lessons, this book is the next best thing.”
Janet Dawson – Floor Loom Weaving Class, Craftsy Course

“40+ years of weaving know-how distilled into an information-packed book. I learned several new things read it, even though I’ve been a student of Laura’s and an avid fan of her books and videos for years. If you want to make the cloth of your dreams, efficiently as possible, this book will put your feet on the path to better understanding how the choices you make affect your weaving and your cloth.”
– Syne Mitchell, creator of WeaveCast, WeaveZine, author of Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom.

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