Title: 'Finding Home' - Art Exhibit Opening

Date: October 18th 5pm-7pm

Location: 2880 15th Ave, Prince George, BC


Studio 2880 is pleased to announce the upcoming art exhibit titled 'Finding Home' by featured photographer, Drew Watmough. Drew offers thought provoking perspectives through riveting images and his personal journey to reclaim culture and redefine the meaning of home.


In this exhibit we will explore some of the many facets of “Finding Home” with Drew Watmough as he shares what home means as an Indigenous man stripped of, and hidden from culture at birth.

Drew Watmough, a hobbyist of photography turned professional photographer, educator of photography, and facilitator of mental health supports over the past two decades explores the meaning of Home through the beauty of the earth, water, and sky and how they are intertwined in the strength and quality of life of us all.

The theme of the exhibit “Home” has been shaped into new meaning. Family has been found, the tip of the iceberg of Culture has been explored, and Home - land, water, sky, culture through stories, teachings and sharing, art and language, mental and physical wellness, continues to be an experience. By exploring various landscape images we will watch how the puzzle of culture starts, and continues to fall together.

The experience continues, and we never stop learning.

This art exhibition will be on display from opening night till November 21st in the Featured Gallery area of Studio 2880.  Light snacks and drinks provided at the opening reception.