Introducing Watercolour Artist Lorri Anne Maley-Bell: A Visionary in Home and Landscape Paintings

Studio 2880 is thrilled to introduce Lorri Anne Maley-Bell, a watercolour artist with a unique approach to home and landscape paintings. Lorri is not your ordinary artist - she brings a passion for interior design and a strong understanding of creative paint methods.

Through her vivid and intricate paintings, Lorri showcases her love for the beauty of nature and architecture, blending the two in a captivating way. Her use of watercolours provides a striking depth and nuance to her art that draws in viewers and evokes a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Lorri’s understanding of interior design allows her create size appropriate originals for open concept living. From the lush florals and vibrant foliage that adorn the landscapes in her paintings to the intricate details of the homes and buildings, every piece is crafted with intention, purpose and even provides historical record. Whether she's depicting a quaint, charming home, an ink botanical or a breathtaking meadow, Lorri's work has an undeniable charm that is sure to delight any art lover.

For those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art, a personalized painting of your own home or a great art workshop, Lorri's expertise and artistic vision are sure to exceed your expectations.  Meet her and view her incredible body of work at the exhibit opening Thursday May 18th, 6pm-8pm at Studio 2880.  

The exhibit will be on display May 18th thru to June 30th 2023 during regular gift shop/gallery hours. 

Studio 2880, 2880 15th Ave, Prince George, BC.