Erin Stagg's Statement Piece

Erin Stagg @erinstaggart has been our Artist In Residence throughout much of our p*ndemic times, but even lovely things must come to an end. Before Erin's art is taken out of our Gallery at the end of this week, I invite everyone to come and view it one more time. This piece in particular is so powerful in it's imagery and symbolic meaning that it has sparked conversations around residential schools, survivorship, and Indigenous issues in a greater sense. We have been so pleased to host Erin's work, but this piece in particular has been impactful in many ways. 215 tiny pairs of moccasins to represent the 215 children whose remains were uncovered at the Kamloops Residential School, the discovery that has launched many more similar investigations and recoveries. So many more, thousands more, little bodies of children have been discovered..with more to come. A very sad and shameful legacy we must do our best to make right. Please join me in honouring the work, and all it represents, and the many, many voices raised in solidarity with our beautiful, proud Indigenous communities.