Studio 2880 is proud to announce the upcoming exhibit by local artist Lesley Kuhn, titled "Bednesti." The exhibit will showcase a captivating collection of paintings that capture the breathtaking beauty of Prince George's landscapes through the eyes of the artist. The exhibit is set to open on April 3rd from 5pm to 7pm at Studio 2880, inviting art lovers and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the artistry of Lesley Kuhn.

In her statement, Lesley Kuhn shares, "It’s not hard to find exceptional beauty around Prince George, and living out at Bednesti Lake, I am completely surrounded by it. Capturing the beauty of what we may consider ordinary using oils on either canvas or board seems to be my mission at this stage of my life. Winter or summer, we are privileged to spectacular views, wild sunsets, and gorgeous surroundings, and I just want to paint them."

Lesley Kuhn's work reflects a deep appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us, inviting viewers to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Through her use of paint and meticulous attention to detail, she brings to life the landscapes and vistas that have inspired her artistic journey.

The exhibit opening on April 3rd at Studio 2880 is a celebration of art and nature, offering attendees a chance to experience the beauty of Prince George through the eyes of a talented artist. Join us for an evening of artistic discovery and exploration as we unveil Lesley Kuhn's stunning collection of paintings.

Event Date: Tuesday April 3rd, 5pm-7pm with artist presentation at 5:30pm.  Light snacks and refreshments provided.