2020 Artist in Residence

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District is very excited to reveal the name of our 2020 Artist-in-Residence.

Now in its 7th year, the Artist-in-Residence program has established a reputation of helping to launch and develop the careers of talented visual artists in a diverse range of media. Last year, the Community Arts Council supported visual artist and instructor Donna Morrison. This year, we have selected local Métis painter Erin Stagg as our new artist and earlier today, arts supporters of the Prince George community gathered at Studio 2880 to meet and greet Erin and welcome her to the residency program.


The Artist-in-Residence program is intended to accommodate artists for a period of one year for the development and production of ongoing or new bodies of work.

Components of the program include:

  • No-cost studio space at Studio 2880
  • Administrative and mentorship support
  • Website, newspaper, radio, TV and social media coverage throughout the term
  • Opportunities to display and sell artwork at CAC events
  • Minimum one, 30-day, Feature Gallery Exhibit

The Artist-in-Residence also facilitates outreach activities such as talks, workshops and exhibitions, intended to promote interaction and professional development, and provide access to a diverse range arts practices within the community. During the term of the residency, the artist also delivers art classes for children, adults and seniors.

The artists in residence to date have included Corey Hardeman, Cliff Mann, Crystal Tarr, Carla Joseph, Michael Kast, Lynette LaFontaine and Donna Morrison.

“This past year was really a unique experience in having art instruction focusing on youth being a core element of Donna Morrison’s residency, and when we reviewed the applications for this year, Erin’s unique style really stood out to us.”, says Sean Farrell, Arts Council Executive Director. “Erin is an ambitious artist with a strong desire to develop her career. As a Métis artist and member of the Northern Indigenous Arts Council, we are excited that Erin will make the Indigenous connection to nature a central feature of her residency.”


Erin Stagg is a self-taught acrylic painter, best known for her lively paintings of the British Columbian landscape. Erin seeks to draw her viewers into the natural world and inspire them with its calming energy. Erin has studied under Gaye Adams and Lalita Hamill. Erin’s art has been featured in the ‘Lifting the Sky’ exhibition in Seattle, the ‘Other Worlds’ exhibition in Pope Mountain Arts, the Pretendium exhibition by Ridge Side Art, and in annual exhibitions at Books and Company.

As a Métis artist, Erin utilizes nature imagery in her art to convey her deep connection to the land. “I grew up with the outdoors being my safe space. Now, I want to give other people a glimpse into the everyday beauty that you can find in our exceptional country.”

In 2015, Erin began her journey as a professional artist. In 2019 she was awarded the Top Indigenous Business by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. Today, her goal remains simple, showcase the fantastic northern landscape all its splendour. Erin lives in Prince George, BC.

Erin’s art is found in private collections internationally including Ireland, Italy, UK and USA.