2018 Annual General Meeting

The Community Arts Council held its Annual General Meeting on September 25, 2018. We were very pleased to see such a great turn out of almost 30 members.

We held a successful election with 10 members being elected to the board. The new board of directors is comprised of:

  • Linda Rempel, President
  • Philomena Hughes, Vice-President
  • Penny Fahlman, Treasurer (Chair, Investment Committee)
  • Louise Kerr, Secretary (Chair, Facility Committee)
  • Zelda Craig, Director (Past President)
  • Ivan Paquette, Director (Reconciliation Officer)
  • Juri Sudo-Rustad, Director (Youth Representative)
  • Karen Heathman, Director
  • Diane Levesque, Director
  • Michelle Belamour, Director

In his annual report to the members, Executive Director Sean Farrell noted the following highlights of the past year:

1. Expanded our programming to deliver new youth arts event (Teen Art Workshop & Showcase and Young Canadian
Music Festival), and a new art and wellness program (Healing Arts Kits)
2. Launched a new sister organization – the Northern Indigineous Artists’ Collective
3. Initiated a number of 50th annivesary projects to culiminate this year
4. Continued to improve our financial stability and efficacy, and increased our New Facility Fund by 70%
5. Increased our membership base by 45%
6. Co-created a new annual fundraising event The Mayor’s Black & White Ball for the Arts, with the PG Symphony
Orchestra & Theatre NorthWest
7. Completed the initial needs assessment and capital investment analysis on our new facility and have begun the
process of negotiating with major funders

To download a complete copy of the Annual Report, please click here.