Stillhead Distillery Inc

Stillhead Distillery is a family owned and operated craft distillery located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. All spirits are made on site using only BC grown fruits and grains. We carefully make our spirits by hand choosing the freshest products available and distilling with a world class copper still. Using blackberries picked locally, predominately by members of the Cowichan tribes, we infuse vodka and gin for a lovely spirit, in taste and presentation. We also use local rhubarb and blueberries and infuse their delicious juice into gin for a refreshing sipper or cocktail base. In 2020 and in 2021 both the Wild Blackberry Gin and Barrel Aged Gin were judged best in Canada at the World Gin Awards in London, England. Enjoy a sip of our gins and the unique Van Isle Rye Vodka. Especially enjoy our whisky; our latest release will be available. MADE FOR YOUR FAMILY BY OUR FAMILY

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Contact: Christal Colebank
Phone: 2506138448

7775 Wansa Road