Micheline Snively

Micheline Snively is a landscape artist from Mackenzie, BC working in oil paints. Her paintings are inspired by the landscape surrounding Mackenzie and the regional area. Micheline obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta in the early 1990’s followed up with a diplomas in forest technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Over the years she has remained creative with making jewellery, drawing, linocut printing and painting, in 2020 she made the switch to a full time artist.  Since then expressing the beauty of the Mackenzie area in paint and experiencing the connection that past and current residents of the area have had to her paintings has been both fulfilling and motivating.

Categories: visual arts

Contact: Micheline Snively
Phone: 7785820077
Email: thepricklyrosestudio@gmail.com
Website: ricklyrosestudio.com

PO Box 701 Mackenzie BC V0J2C0