Lorrie Bressette Studios


Lorrie is an emerging Canadian Fine Artist who grew up in the Robson Valley in Beautiful British Columbia. Being raised between the Rocky and Cariboo mountain ranges, she has a love for the natural environment.  Bringing life to rugged mountain peaks or soft petals on a flower, Lorrie can capture the essence of life and apply it to a canvas for a pleasurable viewing.

Having a passion for art since an early age, Lorrie was introduced to oils at 16, however she did not paint for another 30 years. Lorrie picked up the brushes again in 2020 at the age of 44 and now paints with great passion and from a conscious heart. Mainly self-taught with limited instruction from an online Master Class with Alexander Art, Lorrie is eager to master oils in skill and talent.

“I am living and fulfilling a dream.” - LB

Categories: fibre arts, landscapes, paint

Contact: Lorrie Bressette
Phone: 778-349-4893
Email: lbressettestudios@gmail.com