Elgur&Hasi Arts and Crafts

  • Elgur&Hasi Crafts is a small local studio that makes unique handmade items from natural materials. The materials are mainly sourced and crafted at our own property at Red Bluff Road in Quesnel. I enjoy making items by hand, using traditional techniques. Like nature, none are alike so you can be sure to have a one of a kind item, whether it is a woven basket, a ceramic bowl or a decorated bentwood box.
    Often I demonstrate one of my crafts on the spot, so come and find us in our replica Viking tent on the market!

  • Ceramics: locally sourced clay, fired in an open fire, bowls, boxes, animal statues.....

  • Pine Needle craft: baskets with a modern twist.

  • Boxes made of various bentwood, decorated with themes from the Nordic world like Viking designs and rock carvings.

Categories: ceramics, paint, pottery, other

Contact: Mariska Dumas Ne Ville
Phone: 778-877-8886
Email: m.dumasneville@outlook.com