Medieval Market

Join us for the Prince George Medieval Market!

Come hither and enjoy this fun filled themed market full of goods and foods inspired by long past medieval times.  

We are seeking merchants and entertainers with a medieval flair to join us for this specialty market.  Potters, woodscraftsmen, artists, folk musicians, blacksmiths, period textile and leather artisans, stained glass, food and drink makers and more.  Peddlers set up your tables and tents and share your offerings with the noble people of Prince George! 

To join thee fair market here is the merchant criteria and if ye meet the shire standards, doth pay the corresponding rental fee below.

Vendor Criteria:

  • You must be the maker of your own finished product, not a reseller.
  • Food consumption goods must be Northern Health compliant and follow all guidelines for the sale of foods at temporary markets.
  • This public market is for all ages, as such please ensure your products are suitable for a family friendly audience.
  • Safely stow any and all sharp objects, secure equipment so no harm shall come to the public.
  • Be merry!

There are 3 rental options.  6ftx2ft table inside the gift shop, tent area on the front lawn of Studio 2880 (bring your own tent, table and gear), food truck/tent pads (off grid style only).  Please select a discounted member rate if you are a current community arts council member.  To get a Community Arts Council membership and save find out more at BECOME A MEMBER

Once ye have signed up you'll receive an email a week before the event with more detailed set up info.  Spots are not assigned till the day of.  Vendors can load in at 8am and park in the lot.  The lot will be closed off to the public during the event to prevent a jam.  Please tell attendees to utilize street parking for flow.  Wifi is limited around the gift shop building, for stable payment processing on your systems we recommend hot spotting your phones wifi.

If you have any questions please see the FAQ below or contact 

Medieval Market - 10x10 Tent Space


10ftx10ft tent space on the front grounds of Studio 2880.

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Medieval Market - Food Truck/Tent


Off Grid only: Food Truck Spot or Tent Space on the ground or parking lot of Studio 2880.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Do all my items have to be something medieval?

A.  You should create a good portion of your goods to fit with the Medieval theme; afterall that's what people coming will be looking for.  Medieval inspired goods can be quite broad.

Q.  Do your inside tables have covers?

A.  Inside tables are standard fold out 6ft x 2ft tables.  Bring your own cover and set up to make it uniquely yours.

Q.  Can I plug-in equipment for electrical use?

A.  No.  An overload of power usage on this old building causes the breakers to blow.  Please supply your space with power packs and utilize off grid style gear.

Q.  Should I dress up for this event?

A.  While you don't have to, it is a good idea to get into the spirit and decorate or dress according to the theme.  A well crafted space promotes more sales.

Q.  Can I operate propane cooking systems?

A.  Any propane run food trucks or tents are to comply with provincial mobile food regulations.  We also need to place you 10ft from buildings per fire safety standards.