Northern Indigenous Arts Council


The Northern Indigenous Arts Council is a group of local Indigenous artists in Prince George who have a vision of working collectively to achieve inclusive, accessible and equitable opportunities for advancement of traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts as well as professional development opportunities for artists. The organization is nested within the CAC and is an autonomous, non-governmental Indigenous Arts Council – the first of its kind in BC!

NIAC is a proactive collective of Northern Indigenous artists who:

• are inclusive, accessible, responsive and equitable
• address issues facing Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia
• advocate for Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia
• advise and work with local community arts organizations
• pursue and provide support and resources for Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia
• seek to create an Indigenous arts industry in Northern British Columbia where all Indigenous artists feel welcomed, supported and valued

Membership is open to all self-identifying Indigenous artists in Northern BC. Membership is no cost. To apply please download the application form.

Application Form

For more information about NIAC please visit