Feature Gallery & Gift Shop

Welcome to the Feature Gallery & Gift Shop! 


The Studio 2880 Feature Gallery & Artisan Shop has been a Prince George retail landmark for over 40 years.

The Artisan Shop is a gallery of creative art representing our talented northern regional artists. Visit our shop and discover unique hand-crafted pieces you can use and enjoy every day.



Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 5pm

Closed Times for Summer: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Friday & Stat Holidays

Locally made items include

Pottery | Wood | Stone | Jewellery | Painting | Photography | Glass | Fiber Art | Candles | Natural Soaps | Cards | Toys and much more!

Come and visit the Artisan Shop and take a look at the extensive selection of exceptional gift items for all occasions.

Gift Certificates Are Available! 

Looking for Something Unique?

Interested in being a consignment vendor? Fill out our application form below and we will be in touch with you shortly!


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information call 250-563-2880

Gift Shop Application


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Eligibility Criteria

1. All artisan vendors must be members of the Community Arts Council. The cost is 30.00 per year. Memberships run June to June.

2. Artisan vendors must reside within the boundaries of the Community Arts Council and not have a different CAC in their own municipality.

3. All new artisans will have their work evaluated by a jury in order to be approved as a vendor.

4. Artisans must be the producer and creator of all work to be sold.

5. All items must adhere to a minimum 70:30 handmade ratio standard. Pre-manufactured components are only permitted if they form a minor part of the total design (e.g. high quality frames, or custom packaging).

6. All items will be original to the artisan, or must be a unique and skilled rendering of a traditional or classic design.

7. Handcrafted beads, wirework and clasps are preferred on jewelry.

8. Reproductions must be labeled as such, giving pertinent historical processes and date.

9. Cultural appropriation must be in compliance with industry guidelines.

10. Government safety, health, and labeling regulations must be met.

Jury Process

1. Applicants should three samples of work, a biography and description of the process used and price points for each item.

2. The consignment gift shop committee will contact each artisan after jury has been completed for consultation and jury recommendations.

3. The jury process may take approximately four weeks.

Vendor Procedures & Terms

1. Once approved, artisan items must be submitted with a completed inventory sheet which will be provided by the Community Arts Council.

2. Vendors must telephone in advance to schedule a time with staff to deliver items. Vendors accept responsibility for crating, packaging, insuring and shipping of work to the gift shoppe, and insuring and shipping of work to be returned to the vendor.

3. Vendors with items that have not sold within six months will be contacted to either remove the unsold items, or replace with new items.

4. The Artisan Gift Shoppe consignment fee is 30%.

5. All sales over $20 will be paid out on the 15th of the following month.

6. All items must adhere to the same minimum standard as presented during the jurying process.

7. All concerns or other requests must be submitted to the consignment gift shoppe committee in writing. Responses will be provided directly from the committee.

8. As a consignment store, items for sale remain the property of the vendors until sold. As such, the Community Arts Council accepts no responsibility for the items and vendors are encouraged to include the items in their own insurance policies.

9. The Community Arts Council assumes no responsibility for items that are damaged, lost or stolen.

10. Vendors are responsible for all claims by purchasers of items that are defective or inferior, or which cause injury or damage.

11. Vendors agree to allow the gift shoppe sole discretion regarding the manner in which work is displayed.

12. Vendors agree to remove all items owned by the vendor within 60 days following the termination of this contract, otherwise these items become the property of the Community Arts Council.

13. Vendors agree that wall space is limited and is available at the discretion of gift shoppe staff. Some items may not be displayed due to limited space. Items may be stored or returned to the vendor at the discretion of the gift shoppe in order to maintain balanced merchandising.