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Artists in the Schools

Artists in the Schools is a program developed by the Prince George & District Community Arts Council to complement existing arts programming within the school system. They work with local artists to enable them to come and work in the classrooms with the teachers.

The Studio 2880 Arts Council works in conjunction with School District No. 57.  There is a nominal fee for these workshops. These workshops have been made possible through programming by the Community Arts Council.

The program is designed to provide brief artists-in-residence at our local schools. We believe that a child given the opportunity to explore and be exposed to different facets of the arts will develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts throughout their life. This is in addition to a reduction in aggression and an increase in better attention skills brought through art.

Arts are diverse, so we offer many different types of workshops. Each workshop is designed to enhance and complement existing visual and performing arts curricula.

Who Are The Artists?

A call for participation by local artists is sent out to interested members, individual artists and arts groups of the Prince George & District Community Arts Council area. Interested artists meet with the Arts Council to ensure that they are prepared to work with up to 30 students in a session and are able to collaborate with the classroom teacher to compliment curriculum.. Each artist receives an honorarium, and the sessions are completed in a one month from request time frame.

Interested Artists

If you are interested in participating in the current Artists in the School program please contact Studio 2880. 250-562-4526

Principals and Teachers

If you are interested in purchasing one of the workshops, applications can be downloaded, completed and either e-mailed of faxed to the Arts Council.


Workshops are $170.00 per 2 hour session. The majority of the cost is honorarium and materials with a very small administration fee.

Please fax your application to Studio 2880 at 250-562-0436 or email: lredpath@studio2880.com