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Studio Fair Application Form


Show dates: November 2, 3, 4 , 2018

Welcome to the Studio Fair 2018 application page. We kindly ask that you please read the following fully and carefully. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Redpath or Sue Frizzell at 250-563-2880.

Vendor Criteria

1. All new artisans will have their work evaluated by a jury in order to be approved as a vendor.
2. Artisans must be the producer and creator of all work to be sold.
3. All items must adhere to a minimum 70:30 handmade ratio standard. Pre-manufactured components are only permitted if they form a minor part of the total design (e.g. high quality frames, or custom packaging).
4. All items will be original to the artisan, or must be a unique and skilled rendering of a traditional or classic design.
5. Handcrafted beads, wirework and clasps are preferred on jewelry.
6. Reproductions must be labeled as such, giving pertinent historical processes and date.
7. Cultural appropriation must be in compliance with industry guidelines.
8. Government safety, health, and labeling regulations must be met.

Returning Vendors

If you have attended Studio Fair for the past three consecutive years and your product has not changed, only photographs need to be submitted. Please note, this does not necessarily mean you have been accepted into the fair. We will be choosing for best quality and variety in each of the categories. Once you receive confirmation of your acceptance please send a sample of your product for our raffle prize. The minimum value should be $50.00

New Vendors

New vendors applying must submit three pieces that are representative of the work to be sold (photographs alone will not be accepted). Include a corresponding price list. One sample should be marked as a Raffle Prize. The minimum value should be $50.00. A non-refundable $20.00 jurying fee must be sent with your application. If applying electronically, Visa and MasterCard will be accepted. Include any photos you feel will assist your application (all photos will be kept for promotions). After the jury process, the artist makes arrangements for their samples to be mailed out to them or picked up, otherwise, after October 1, 2018 all items become the property of the Community Arts Council of Prince George.

Please ship items to:

Attn: Studio Fair
Studio 2880
2880-15th Avenue
Prince George, BC V2M 1T1

All Vendors

Upon acceptance into Studio Fair you will receive a contract via email. Please make sure you check your booth size, location and double check the details. In October you will also receive an Artisans Update package via email that will provide you with additional information.

All booth fees are subject to GST 5%

PLEASE NOTE - You will be charged a $20 application fee at the end of the online application. If you are selected to participate in Studio Fair, that payment will go towards your booth fees. The $20 application fee is non-refundable.

Please enclose a deposit cheque of $150.00 and a post-dated cheque dated for September 1, 2018 for the balance of fees cheque (booth fee less $150.00).

The deposit cheque will be deposited upon acceptance into the fair. Your contract and show information package will be emailed to you. Please contact us if you haven’t heard anything by September 1, 2018.


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