(250) 563 2880 or (250) 562-4526
2820 15th Ave. Prince George, BC


Room Rental Rates

Category Time Slots Price
CAC Member 1 Time Slot $30.00
Non-Commercial 2 Slots $40.00
  3 Slots $50.00
CAC Member 1 Time Slot $40.00
Commercial (includes art classes) 2 Slots $60.00
  3 Slots $80.00
Non-Member 1 Time Slot $50.00
Non-commercial 2 Slots $70.00
  3 Slots $90.00
Non-Member 1 Time Slot $85.00
Commercial 2 Slots $125.00
  3 Slots $165.00
Commercial 1 Time Slot $85.00
  2 Slots $125.00
  3 Slots $165.00


**Please note:  The CAC reserves the right to cancel or decline your room reservation due to the following reasons:
-    Non-payment history
-    Arrears
-    CAC needs the room (This will be three week’s notice and we will accommodate your second choice as best as possible)

We also ask that you leave the room neat and tidy. A cleaning fee could be charged to you if this does not happen.

Morning slot: 6 am – 12:30 pm        Afternoon: 1 – 5:30 pm    Evening: 6 pm – 11 pm

Room Rental Information

1. If you are serving alcohol, you must get a Liquor License. If alcohol is being served, no more the 50 people may be in the Multi-Purpose Room.

2. For a reception/party or gathering other than a meeting, you must get liability insurance of $2,000,000.00. Replace all chairs and tables neatly.

3. You are responsible for cleaning any debris (dirt, spilled drinks, crumbs, thread, paper etc.) caused by your group. There is a vacuum in the closet. We will inspect the room after rental and you will be charged a cleaning fee if the Community Arts Council staff has to arrange clean up after your rental.

4. Do not open the front doors, they are alarmed. Guilds may enter their code to disarm, but then you must close all doors/windows and re-enter the alarm code before you leave. Any alarm problems call Curtis Elite 250-614-8000.

5. You are welcome to use the coffee maker. After use, please empty the carafe and basket. Please wash all coffee items – including mugs – (use the sink in the Janitor’s room next to the men’s room if renting the MPR).

6. You are welcome to use the refrigerator while you are using the kitchen, but please remove all items you have brought. This is a day use only fridge. We will discard any items left in the fridge.

7. If you are an “occasional renter”, please return the key (s) as soon as possible to the 2820 building. Once the door is locked, you can still exit the building by the main door.

8. An administration fee of $10 (per item) will be charged to any renter who does not comply with any of the following:
a. Turn down the heat to 65 degrees Fahrenheit
b. Secure the building (lock and alarm) ¨ Turn out ALL lights in the Multi-Purpose Room – leave the lights on in the Kitchen
c. Clean up the coffee area and mugs (if used)
d. Clean/wipe and return tables and chairs to the area designated on the map

9. Clean the room you have rented of any mess your group has caused.

Questions or concerns?  Call the Administration Office at 250-563-2880